Custom full-sized conversion vans for many usesAt VCI Mobility, we have the ability to make your conversion van or full size van wheelchair accessible right in our facility. Very often our customers will already have a van that they want to convert rather than buying a new one. Others find a great vehicle or great vehicle deal at a local dealer and want to have us work with the full size van they have already found. We are pleased to say that this is not a problem for us and we are happy to help you in any way that we can.

Luxury Conversion Vans or Standard Passenger Vans

Explorer Conversion VanCustom wheelchair conversion vans are most commonly done using either a luxury conversion van or a standard, production model passenger van. As with anything, there are some differences between the two types of vans.

At the core, the modifications such as raised doors, a raised roof or the addition of a wheelchair lift are the same on both vehicles. The difference comes with the type of interior package in the vehicle.

Ford Econoline Passenger VanStandard passenger vans have very simple interiors that are relatively easy to remove and reinstall. If interior modifications are required, the simplicity of the standard interior makes modification equally simple.

Luxury conversion companies, especially quality companies like Explorer Vans, create high quality interior packages that are both beautiful and functional, but also very complex. Luxury interiors have many points of attachment, trim pieces and wires for things like TVs and extra lighting.

In order to raise the doors and build the proper structural supports, much of that beautiful interior has to be removed and reinstalled in the process. The removal and reinstallation is very time consuming and can add significantly to the cost. However, when it is completed, it looks and performs perfectly.

Additional Customizations

Many other customizations are available for those with truly special needs. Many customers wish to have a ceiling lift, commode, generators, special bedding or electrical outlets installed. A wide variety of possibilities for customizations in full size vans exist that we have done for others and would be happy to explore with you.

A wheelchair lift is a common mobility conversionThe most common adaptation is the installation of a wheelchair lift. Beyond that, there are a few structural modifications that can increase the accessibility of your van. Raised roofs and lowered floors increase the height of the interior while raised doors increase the height of the entry way. Typically, several modifications are done to fit the particular wheelchair user involved. In addition, a wheelchair lift will be installed either inside or underneath the side passenger door.

Choosing the right custom wheelchair conversion is pretty straightforward but we can help you to focus on the most important issues and avoid the most common pitfalls.

If a custom conversion van is not what you are looking for, you may be interested in our line of pre-converted full size vans.