Q’Straint Securement Systems

Q’Straint offers both wheelchair safety tie-downs, occupant restraints, and wheelchair docking systems.

4-Point Securement Systems

Q’Straint’s 4-Point Securement Systems have been the industry standard in accessible safety tie-downs for over 25 years. The system consists of wheelchair restraints that secure the wheelchair to the floor, occupant securements that go over the lap and shoulder and floor anchorage that attaches firmly to the vehicle’s floor. Q’Straint’s restraints are designed to work as one cohesive system that directs the forward motion of a crash to the floor, meaning less stress on the wheelchair occupant. Q’Straint provides quality products for all budgets, without jeopardizing safety. All products come with warranties for guaranteed quality.

Q-5000 Kits

Q-5000 Series Restraints from Q'StraintThe Q-5000 series is Q’Straint’s original manual belt system, offered for L-track and floor pocket anchorages. Every component of the Q-5000 system is designed to work together and accommodates virtually all wheelchair designs including scooter chairs. With the Q-5000, there is no need for a special system for unique chairs.

M-Series Kits

M-Series Restraints from Q'StraintThe simplest securement device available, the M-Series is completely operated manually. Although the simplest, it still has a universal design to fit virtually any wheelchair and scooter and has the convenient J-hook to reduce twisting of belts. The M-Series system is our most economical yet does not jeopardize safety. The M-Series truly is affordable safety.

QRT Standard Kits

QRT Standard Wheelchair SecurementThe QRT Standard features a semi-automatic retractor that to provide maximum safety. The single tensioning knob takes only ten seconds to secure an occupant properly. Otherwise, this system has the same features that are available on the QRT Max and QRT Deluxe; including interchangeable locations, a universal design to fit all wheelchairs and scooters and durable steel coated in zinc for corrosion resistance. The system includes a J-hook that reduces the twisting of the belts and a foot release lever to avoid bending down. The QRT Standard is a perfect wheelchair securement system solution for cost-conscious individuals.

QRT Deluxe Kits

QRT Deluxe securement kits from Q'StraintThe QRT Deluxe holds the title of the first self-locking and self tensioning retractable system on the market, and today is the industry standard. The QRT Deluxe is very similar to the QRT Max, it’s only difference being the dual tightening knob that allows the occupant additional tensioning if preferred. It also includes interchangeable locations, a universal design to fit all wheelchairs and scooters and durable steel coated in zinc for corrosion resistance. The QRT Deluxe might be the standard in securement, but it is far beyond standard in dependability and reliance.

QRT Max Kits

Q'Straint's QRT Max Wheelchair Securement SystemThe QRT Max is a wheelchair securement system that does all the work for you! The QRT Max is a fully automatic retractor that is self-locking and self-tensioning. The occupant can be secured in their chair with one-hand and there is no tightening needed. The systems are durable, made of steel and coated in zinc. The 4-points are interchangeable, as well as universal to fit all wheelchair and scooter designs. The QRT Max safely and effortlessly provides wheelchair Securement.

Docking Systems


QLK-100 Securement DeviceThe QLK-100 is a convenient securement device for individuals in wheelchairs that drive or enjoy the independence of securing their own wheelchair. The docking system is a one-point system with superior strength and durability. The QLK-100 has an audible and visual indicator to advise the operator when securement is complete. It also has multiple release points located on the docking system, therefore one can release the docking station using a standard dash control, manual release on base or an optional remote manual release in the event of power failure. The QLK-100 has a removal cover and specialty designed spacers for easier maintenance and is even designed to compliment vehicle interiors. The QLK-100 represents a very sturdy hold for maximum security.

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