Used Shuttle Buses

Used shuttle buses and vans are available in our inventory

The used wheelchair van and wheelchair accessible bus and shuttle market is very active. Commercial-oriented vehicles are available in a wide range of styles, models and prices. At VCI Mobility, we strive to keep a large number of used vehicles in stock so that our customers who prefer to purchase used vans for mobility purposes have a number to choose from.

If you are selling or trading a used wheelchair van or bus, we are happy to talk to you about purchasing your vehicle directly to supplement our inventory.

All of our used shuttle buses, vans, minivans and buses have been thoroughly evaluated and repaired so that the price matches their condition and all of the key features and systems are in good working order. If you find something amiss or would like to make further modifications, our complete service and modification facilities can handle virtually any request.

Raised roof vans allow more room for passenger mobilityIt is important to check back frequently to look at our used inventory because it is constantly changing. It is also very helpful if you contact our mobility specialists and let them know what you are looking for. If we know what you are looking for, we will be able to present you with choices that match your needs as additional used vans and buses become available.

Many commercial clients buy used shuttle buses and mobility products because their budgets do not allow for the purchase of brand new vehicles. Existing wheelchair vans can be refurbished, by adding or removing additional wheelchair positions or ambulatory seats. The range of used wheelchair vans and buses is broad. At the bottom of the scale there are vehicles with heavy mileage and matching low prices. At the top, there are vehicles that have very low miles and were barely used.

Used vehicles can be refurbished to your needsWe even have a category of vehicles that we refer to as “new/used”. The term “new-used” refers to a new conversion being added to a used shuttle bus or van. With VCI Mobility, you will find that there is a used vehicle to meet most needs and budgets.

Make sure you have researched your options well. Take the van or wheelchair bus to a trusted mechanic to be sure that there are no hidden surprises. For many vehicles, aftermarket extended warranties are available that can help you to manage your cost of repairs and give you additional peace of mind with your used van purchase.

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