Passenger Entry Doors, Steps and Running Boards

Doors, steps, running boards, and grab bars all ease passengery entry to your van or busThe function of enabling ambulatory passengers and staff to safely and easily enter and exit your commercial wheelchair van or shuttle van is a very important consideration. A number of options are available that will help you to balance better access with your budgetary limitations

Running Boards and Steps

Side Passenger Entry

One of the most common and least expensive passenger entry systems is the combination of a special running board or step with an assist pole or grab handle. A simple entry system such as this allows passengers an extra step to get into the vehicle and also the support of a grab bar as they enter the seating level.

Running boards provide assistance for passengers entering and exiting the van

Rear Passenger Entry

Grab pole for rear-entry assistanceWhen the side entrance is blocked by a wheelchair lift, many organizations prefer to equip their wheelchair vans with a VCI Sure Step Rear Folding Step and a grab bar. The VCI Sure Step Rear Folding Step enables passengers and staff to have a wide, strong step to get to floor level and the support of a floor-to-ground assist pole to steady them on the way up and down.

Driver and Front Passenger Entry

Front Step for driver/front entryDrivers and staff members that use the front seats also need to have access to proper support for entering and exiting the vehicle. The best solution in this instance is to equip both sides of the vehicle with a VCI Sure Step Running Board. All vehicle users appreciate not having to step up so high — or down so low — when using the van.

The addition of a VCI Sure Step Running Board is also a safety consideration; as it’s installation will reduce the chance of slipping and falling — especially in bad weather. As more organizations are using part-time, semi-retired drivers, the anticipation is that the use of these products will continue to grow.

Modified Entry Systems

Modified EntryModified entry systems further improve the comfort and safety of passengers by improving access with structural modifications of the wheelchair van or shuttle. Raised doors and lowered stepwells are used in conjunction with each other and with VCI Sure Step products to optimize the entry situation. In addition, driver-controlled doors can be added to reduce wear and tear on the part of the driver.

Lowered Stepwells

Lowered stepwells, often called a “bus step” or a “z-step” are fabricated to give more and smaller steps to your passengers than is possible with a bolt-on product. Lowered stepwells make entering a wheelchair van more like entering a building than a vehicle. Lowered stepwells can be installed in either the front passenger or side entrance position depending on the floor plan you have chosen.

Raised Door

Raising the side or front door of the wheelchair van or shuttle van also improves the performance of the entry doors. Raised doors provide additional headroom so that most passengers do not have to bend to enter and reduces the risk of someone potentially hitting their head. Raised doors can be installed in both the side passenger and front passenger entry.

One very common option is to combine raised doors with lowered stepwells and VCI Sure Step running boards in order to build the optimum entry system for your particular needs.

Popular Modified Passenger Entry Options

Entrance Options Additional Accessories
Front Passenger Door Raised Front Door with Lowered Site Stepwell,
Raised Front Door with VCI Sure Step Short Passenger Board
Driver Operated Door,
Modesty Panel with Grab Rail
Side Passenger Door Lowered Side Stepwell with Grab Bar,
Lowered Side Stepwell with Grab Bar and Raised Side Door,
Raised Side Door with VCI Sure Step Assist Step and Grab Bar
Extra-wide Step,
Seat-back Grab Handles,
Assist Poles

VCI Sure Step Products

The VCI Sure Step product line is available for all entrance points to the vehicle. The VCI Sure Step product line provides the largest and strongest passenger entry step for a wheelchair van or van shuttle. The 10” wide non-skid step is large enough to provide solid footing in all conditions and for all passengers.

Entrance Options Additional Accessories
Passenger Side Sure Step 3/4 Length Assist Step,
Sure Step Front Passenger Short Board
Grab Handles,
Assist Pole
Drivers Side Sure Step Driver Short Board Original Door Grab Bar and Strap
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