Ambulette Options and EMS Accessories

In an industry where you must be prepared for many different situations, clients, wheelchairs and conditions, there are a number of accessories that will help make your job much easier.

Wheelchair Storage Products

The storage of an unoccupied, folding wheelchair is a necessity for many organizations. Most medical transportation companies carry a folding wheelchair in their wheelchair van or ambulette in the event that it is needed. Many clients are able to enter and exit the wheelchair van and walk a few steps, but need to be transported in a wheelchair for any distance beyond that. At the same time, a folding wheelchair can take up valuable space inside the ambulette that may be used for other passengers. As well, when a folding wheelchair is not in use, it must be secured so that it does not become a hazard in the event of a sudden stop or accident.

VCI Mobility Secure-A-Chair products are specially designed wheelchair storage devices that can handle this requirement. The Secure-A-Chair was created in response to customer-demand. Don’t let a flying wheelchair or trip-hazards due to clutter on the vehicle floor create concerns for you. The Secure-A-Chair Wheelchair Van and Wheelchair Bus Storage devices allow you to safely secure unoccupied wheelchairs so that your staff and clients can move about the vehicle without worry. When the wheelchair is needed, it can be released and ready for use in seconds!


The Perma-Stor is a permanently mounted wheelchair storage bracket that mounts in an out-of-the-way place in your van or bus. In a wheelchair van or ambulette, the most common mounting place is over the wheelwell as this is typically un-used space that does not interfere with other wheelchair positions. In wheelchair accessible buses and some wheelchair vans, the Perma-Stor is mounted directly to the floor, again, in an out-of-the-way location.

The Perma-Stor is made of strong, angular steel and utilizes a seat-belt style securement that positively secures the wheelchair so there is no risk that it will come loose during an accident and become a hazard.


The VCI Mobility Flex-Stor is a wheelchair storage bracket that mounts to the same track used by the wheelchair tie downs. The Flex-Stor can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle that is both convenient and has wheelchair securement track available. In addition, the Flex-Stor can be removed from the vehicle when necessary or if it is needed in another vehicle. The Flez-Stor device allows the unoccupied folding wheelchair to be mounted front-to-back or sideways, whichever is most advantageous in your floor plan.

Emergency Escape Hatch

Emergency Escape HatchVCI Mobility offers the option of an adding an emergency escape hatch to your vehicle. Our extra-large, 24” x 24” opening pops out for the emergency exit of ambulatory passengers.

Stretcher and Cot Mounts

Sometimes also referred to as a “litter mount,” a stretcher mount is used in vehicles where there is a need to transport individuals who can only travel while laying down in a stretcher. The stretcher mount consists of a permanently installed bracket that is placed based on the size and brand of the stretcher and the rest of the van or ambulette layout. In addition, there is a removable device-often referred to as “antlers”. While most medical transportation companies will keep a stretcher in their vehicle all the time, they still have the flexibility to remove the stretcher and the “antlers” to make room for more ambulatory passengers, staff or wheelchair users.

VCI Mobility can install the stretcher mount of your choice in your van or bus, and we typically stock those from Ferno and Stryker.

Oxygen Storage Mounts

Many clients of medical transportation companies and nursing homes must travel with oxygen. However, oxygen bottles are large, heavy devices that could be a dangerous projectile in the event of a sudden stop, turn or accident. In order to provide a safe means of oxygen transport, many organizations ask us to install oxygen storage brackets or O2 mounts.

O2 mounts are typically stainless steel, cylindrical devices in which a person can place their oxygen bottle during transport.

Center Console File and Caddy

The VCI Mobility Center Console File and Caddy addresses a need for medical transportation companies to provide an area where there staff can store files, equipment and personal items in a safe, out-of-the-way place. In addition, the caddy provides quick and organized access to tissues and rubber gloves, which are commonly required. By keeping these items in the caddy, they are neat, organized and out of everyone’s way.

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