Wheelchair Shuttle Buses

Commercial wheelchair busesThe terms “bus”, “mini-bus” and “cutaway bus” are often used to refer to an incredible category of vehicles. Buses are van chassis that have been equipped with a body that is specially built for the purpose of providing wheelchair accessible transportation services. The special vehicle body enables the wheelchair bus to truly maximize features that are needed for such purposes as, headroom, aisle and over-all width, seat and wheelchair position spacing.

Additional features such as; power operated doors, special passenger entries, luggage racks and more are also available.

Wheelchair buses allow organizations to transport more people with greater comfort than would be possible in a standard van. Many organizations are upgrading to buses for the disabled as they see their needs grow/change. Often, organizations will have a mix of wheelchair vans and wheelchair shuttle buses to handle the range of transportation services they provide.

The majority of these wheelchair lift-equipped vehicles are Ford shuttle buses. Ford wisely targeted the medium-duty shuttle bus market with the E350 and E450 Cutaway Chassis. With a wide range of wheelbase-lengths and three engines to choose from, Ford Shuttle buses allow bus builders to satisfy many niche markets.

The smaller Ford E350 can handle small-to medium buses that might be a 10 passenger van replacement up to 15 passenger configurations. The Ford E-450 is designed to handle larger requirements such as the popular “12 and 2”–twelve seats with two wheelchair positions and can be used for Ford shuttle buses that carry up to 25 passengers.

Your chassis decision for your Ford shuttle bus will be primarily driven by the payload requirement for your application. The combined weight of the bus body, seats, floor, wheelchair lift and number of passengers must all be calculated in order to choose the right model.

In recent years, Chevrolet has come out with a wheelchair shuttle bus chassis that is very competitive in size, features and performance with the Ford shuttle bus. As more companies gain experience with the Chevrolet shuttle bus chassis, we expect that it will be a viable competitor to Ford.

Buses can be equipped with commercial wheelchair lifts and stations or sold just as shuttles without wheelchair accessibility provided. Also, many seating configurations can eliminate the need for staff members to have commercial drivers licenses.

Additional options such as striping packages, custom graphic wraps and paint combinations can be used to advertise an organization when it is on the road.

Each of our wheelchair buses are ADA compliant and meet their standard requirements for safety.

Starcraft Buses

Since 1903, Starcraft has stood for quality, innovation and value in the industry segments that they supply. Over the years, Starcraft has manufactured farm equipment, boats, recreational vehicles, van conversions, and, beginning in 1997, products for the transportation industry. Starcraft shuttle buses are used by transit agencies, retirement communities, short term parking companies, hotels, resorts, limousine services, nursing homes and more. Starcraft has 350,000 square foot manufacturing plant located on 80 acres in Goshen, Indiana.

Among the more popular vehicle models available from Starcraft are the Starquest, Starlite and All-Star.


Starquest Bus from StarcraftThe Starquest is an attractive, low-profile wheelchair bus that is perfect for churches, senior centers, resorts, hotels and parking shuttles. It is available with all-passenger seating, a rear luggage area and wheel chair stations.

The Starquest offers the security of a welded steel cage construction, easy maneuverability, terrific looks, and a host of interior options and floorplans; all in an easy to drive, highly maneuverable vehicle. Non-CDL versions are also available.


starcraft-starlite-busStarcraft Starlite wheelchair buses boast a narrow, nimble profile making it much easier to drive, maneuver and park than some of it’s larger counterparts. The Starlite features an exclusive “flat wall” design, which allows for extra shoulder room for passengers. A low step height makes for easy entry/exit.

The Starlite offers exceptional quality and value for an affordable price and allows for different floorplan, as well as wheelchair and luggage options.


Allstar Commercial Bus from StarcraftWhen the reputation of your business and the safety of your customers are in your hands, that is the time when quality and integrity matter the most. With its steel skeleton cage and rock-solid construction, the Starcraft Bus All-Star wheelchair shuttle bus model delivers on the Starcraft promise of quality, durability and safety. The exclusive flat-wall design maximizes interior width, for the roomiest shoulder space and widest aisles in their class.

A variety of floor plans, wheelchair accommodations and cargo options means the Allstar Series can be the foundation of your mid-size bus fleet. Don’t gamble with your reputation, your business or the safety of your customers. Build your success with the Allstar Team from Starcraft!

XLT Series

XLT Series Commercial Bus from StarcraftThe XLT series of medium-size wheelchair buses offers an affordable, attractive and rugged transition between smaller cutaway chassis buses and expensive tour coaches. Designed for higher passenger counts, luggage loads and duty cycles, the XLT is the perfect solution for tour operators, senior centers, government agencies and anyone needing to bridge the gap between lighter duty buses and large transit coaches.

The XLT is available on either a General Motors C5500 or International 3200 series medium duty chassis with diesel power and rugged transmissions for increased reliability and uptime.

Mounted to the rugged truck chassis is a fully jig welded steel cage structure encompassing all roof, floor, sidewall and rear wall frame members for a long lasting, secure body structure. Add to that insulation, beautiful interiors, combination aluminum/fiberglass exteriors, including one piece seamless roofs and the result is a product ready to hit the street and stay there.

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