Ambulettes and Paratransit Vans

Commercial Ambulette & Paratransit Vans
VCI Mobility has been in the Ambulette service business for many years. We have built and sold thousands of wheelchair vans and medical transport vans for commercial organizations like nursing homes, group homes and medical transportation companies. Wheelchair vans and paratransit vans refer to vans that have been modified to include a means of wheelchair access via wheelchair ramps or wheelchair lifts.

In addition, these modifications will also have accommodations for special needs entry ways, increased headroom and other purpose oriented accommodations. Vans of these types are used by commercial entities, non-profit and governmental organizations to transport the people under their care or the care of their clientele.

Ambulette Vans for Sale

Paratransit vansThe definition of an ambulette (or wheelchair coach as they are sometimes referred to) is a wheelchair van built specifically for people in the business of providing non-emergency medical transportation. To this end, each of our ambulettes / medical transport vans is built with floor plans and layouts that are conducive to handling a wide variety of individual and or wheelchair sizes, differences etc. In addition, ambulettes are often equipped with oxygen holding brackets, stretcher mounts and wheelchair storage systems. VCI Mobility has many new and used ambulette vans for sale. Call one of our specialists today to learn more about our customization options.
Paratransit vans

Paratransit Vans and Medical Transport Vans

Resources and help articles to answer all your questionsParatransit vans (sometimes called paratransit buses) and medical transport vans are those that are modified for use by nursing homes, group homes, medical transport companies, assisted living facilities and many others. Organizations such as these typically provide service only to their own clients and are balancing a mix of wheelchair users and ambulatory passengers. Many different combinations of roof heights, entry systems and other accessories are also employed in general purpose paratransit vans. All of our Paratransit vans are ADA vans, meaning that each of them meet ADA compliance specifications.

Ambulettes / Full-Size Vans

Ambulette VansCommercial mobility vans are most often built on a full-size van chassis, typically from Ford, GM and more recently Dodge (Sprinter). However, commercial minivans are also popular and available on a Dodge Grand Caravan chassis. Commercial wheelchair vans are highly customizable to the needs of the buying organization so that they can accommodate the particular type of client and use pattern their business demands.

Full-size wheelchair vans and ambulettes will typically have a raised roof, raised lift doors and a flooring and interior package that is suited for commercial use. However, as vans are customized to the unique needs of for each customer, seating arrangements, wheelchair positions and other accessories allow for complete customization.

Ambulette Vans

All of VCI Mobilty’s commercial ambulette conversions include a raised FMVSS compliant top that has been insulated to maximize heat and ac efficiency and deaden noise. An attractive and durable plastic interior package includes substantial interior lighting and high quality non-slip transit flooring on a durable subfloor. Our Posi-Latch door holding brackets safely secure the raised lift door while the wheelchair lift is in operation. All required safety interlocks and appropriate reflectors and safety markings are also included.

Essential™ Paratransport Conversion Features

  • Insulated Raised Fiberglass Roof with FMVSS Compliant Structural Support Cage
  • Posi-Latch Door Holding Brackets
  • NHTSA/ADA Hydraulic Lift w Interlock, Lights Etc.
  • ABS Gray Comfort Interior-Insulated with Recessed Halogen Ceiling Lights
  • Latching Bulkhead Storage Compartment Over Driver and Front Passenger
  • Sub-Floor with Heavy Duty Non-Slip Transit Flooring
  • Back-Up Alarm
  • Auxiliary Rear Heat/A/C Headliner Vented (optional)

Wheelchair Vans

Commercial Wheelchair Vans are popular in situations with only one wheelchair user, often in a group home setting. Minivans are smaller and easier to drive for many people and work well when transporting an individual or a few individuals to their destination. Since commercial wheelchair minivans “blend in” with other minivans, group home operators sometimes like to have them in a home setting.

Minivans are popular as general paratransit vehiclesWheelchair minivans have a lowered floor and folding wheelchair ramp installed as opposed to a raised roof and lift. The lowering of the floor eliminates the need for a wheelchair lift and allows instead for the use of a simple ramp.

Depending on your preferences, rear entry handicap vans and side-entry wheelchair minivans are also available.

Originally created for consumer use, wheelchair accessible minivan manufacturers such as Braun and Viewpoint have made changes to their product to make it more effective and durable in a commercial environment. Higher door openings meet ADA requirements. In addition, options such as replacing carpet with transit-style flooring are available. Manual doors and ramps are also more popular than power options on commercial wheelchair minivans, as they are less prone to failure and therefore reduce the possibility of vehicle downtime.

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