Fleet Vehicles

Raised Front Door Paratransit VanSpecialized transportation has evolved rapidly over the years. Today there are many great wheelchair vans, buses and shuttles designed for virtually any application and budget. VCI Mobility is both a dealer and a manufacturer of high quality vehicles to meet your needs. We offer numerous vehicle styles and floor plans for commercial customers. In addition, we sell new and used units.

Many of our commercial clients are nursing/group homes or extended care facilities, non-emergency medical transport, or out-patient rehabilitation centers; however we have experience with a full-range of businesses and organizations. If you are looking for something specific, just let us know and we can build it.

Do you need help choosing? Let one of our experienced professionals help you out. Wheelchair vans, ambulettes, shuttle vans, buses, and trucks can all be configured to fit your unique needs.

Nursing Homes/Extended Care Facilities

Shuttles and vans for the nursing home industryNursing homes and extended care facilities typically provide transportation services only to their own clients. Transportation may be needed for doctor and hospital appointments, grocery shopping, outings and other group events. Nursing homes/extended care facilities tend to be medium-level users, hold on to their vehicles longer, and make some extra investments in passenger comfort as well as the image that their vehicles project to their clients and community.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation/Ambulettes

Raised rear-entry ambuletteAmbulettes are special, commercial wheelchair vans that are used by companies to provide non-emergency medical transportation services. Typically, these vehicles are used for doctor, hospital and treatment visits for people who do not need to be transported in an ambulance. Companies that are in the ambulette industry place the greatest demands on their vehicles because they use them constantly, in all conditions and they must be prepared to serve anyone who calls. Individuals in the non-emergency medical transportation industry are usually looking for low-cost, rugged, dependable wheelchair vans with a floorplan and accessory package that optimizes their efficiency.

Group Home Organizations

Organizations that operate group home facilities must make commercial wheelchair van and bus decisions based on specific homes and often, the unique individuals that they serve. The client relationship is often long-standing and requires that the wheelchair van or bus be built to provide comfort, safety and ease of use for both the client as well as the caretakers.

Wheelchair storage is often requiredSeating arrangements, barriers, distance between and among seats and many other choices are often influenced by the unique needs of the clients.

Group home organizations also must consider how their vehicles will appear in neighborhood settings and often, they will make different choices in color and style for a home than they would for a program at a central facility.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Providers

Additions like rear back-up cameras and AM/FM radio make the driver's job easierOrganizations that pick up their clientele for such services as psychiatric treatment, physical therapy and adult day programs are service organizations that must meet a number of important criteria.

The vehicles utilized by these organizations must have sufficient capacity to maximize trips, yet be sized to access the facilities they serve and be driven by the drivers of their preference. Upgrades in comforts and entertainment are often chosen by these organizations.

Types of Vehicles Available

Each of these transportation vehicle clients has special requirements placed upon them by their clients, regulations, corporate influences, image and level of use.

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